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Autumn 2023, Issue 93.  Miniature Trains Vintage and New – Steve Reece; Ingfield celebrating 50 years – Graham Catterall; Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway 75th Birthday Weekend – Peter Bryant; Rodney’ Railway – Christopher Fincken; Kenneth Hawels Cullen – Christine Sanderson.

Spring 2022, Issue 92. The Porters Hill Railway – Seamus Rogers; Fred Green, Bassett Lowke employee – Christine Sanderson; Are we Silly for steaming Billie – Simon Townsend; Building Vale of Lune; River Esk at 100 – Peter van Zeller; CNGR – Robert Ward.

Autumn 2022, Issue 91. The Froome Foundry Tramway – John L Townsend. Evesham Vale Light Railway; Happy 20th Birthday. Wotton 25 plus 1. A roaming set of Tinker nameplates – Frank Stephen. Building the Q1 tender. Cock o’ The North – John Wilks. Farewell Heywood – Ken Woodham.

Spring 2022, Issue 90. Brightwalton Light Railway – Jonathan James. Peter Smith and Ann Yates – Danny Woodward. R&ER Everything Goes Gala – Sol Johnson. Sutton Miniature Railway – Michael Whitehouse. The Ardkinglas Line – Mike Oliver. Paignton Zoo Miniature Railway – Adam Jeffrey. MVR Visiting Locos Gala – David A Nicholson. A Trip round the Kyre Valley Railway – John L Townsend.

Autumn 2021, Issue 89. Field Lane Farm Railway – Bob Avery. Tony Crowhurst – Bob Jones. Tom Smith – Adrian Sant. Cegin – John Nicholson. Mull moves to Staffordshire – Bob Avery. Some Really Useful Wagons – John L Townsend. 71/4 Gauge Q1 – Steve Reece.

Spring 2021, Issue 88. Roy C Link – Gerry Clarke. Maureen Stephen – Frank Stephen. Y Sgwar – Peter Beevers. Trip around the Kyre Valley Railway – John L Townsend. Easter 1921 – Peter van Zeller. Full Steam Ahead at Ingfield – Chris English. Cock o The North – John and Lis Wilks. Lockdown Blues – Drummond Randall. Perrygrove Railway – Michael Crofts & David Nelson Brown.

Autumn 2020, Issue 87. A Brief History of the Littlehampton Miniature Railway – Chris English. A Memorable Heywood Weekend – John Edmonds. Commercially Produced IC&BE Minimal Locomotives – Adrian Sant. South Downs Light Railway – Julian Chivers. Miniature Railways and the National Railway Museum – Anthony Coulls. A Busy Year Exploring the World of Little Trains – Neil Simkins. The Grand Finale of KMR – Mike Bettridge. Suicycle – Adam Jeffrey.

Spring 2020, Issue 86. Heywood Meetings, A Lady’s Point of View – Sheena Woodward. A Rail Whoppet – Adam Jeffery. Garden and Woodland Railway – Peter Dickson. The Good, the Bad and The Ugly – Simon Townsend. Round the Bend at Blakesley – Bob Tebb. Tipper Wagons for Minimum Gauge – Adrian Sant. A Trip round the Kyre Valley Railway – John L Townsend.

Autumn 2019, Issue 85. Against the Odds – John Wilks. High Days and Holidays – David Simkins. Railway Queen – Simon Townsend. The End of the Line for Ted Martin’s G&WR – Phil Ashworth. The Wangapararoa Narrow Gauge Railway – Adrian Sant. Mount Waratah Railway – Mark Robinson. Kirklees Steam and Diesel Gala – Peter J Green. 40 Years of Thomas II – Nick Dodson.

Spring 2019, Issue 84. Ambition versus Common Sense – Ken Woodham. Bullock’s loco No 2008 – Bob Bullock. Royden Park Miniature Railway – Frank Stephen. Tali – Michael Whitehouse. The Tinkerbell Story ‘Down Under – Richard Stuart. Lydia a brief history – Ian Gaylor. 15in gauge steam locomotives – James Nutty.

Autumn 2018, Issue 83. New Station Canopy for the LLR – Mike Cave. Tinkerbell 50 – David Nicholson. New steam loco named by Jools Holland – John Macdougall. The Downs Light Railway – Nick Dodson. Earl Soham – Brian Palmer. New Human Powered Record – David Henshaw. 15in comes to Tyseley – Michael Whitehouse.

Spring 2018. Issue 82. Tribute to Sir William McAlpine – David Nicholson. The Downs Light Railway – Nick Dodson. Aneirin Fairlie – Peter Beevers. A Tale of Three Locos – Chris Stockdale. Coleby-Simkins Conclusion – Richard Coleby & Neil Simkins. Earl Soham Railway – Brian Palmer.

Autumn 2017, Issue 81. Downs Light Railway Exhibition & Steam Gala – David Nicholson. Bankside Miniature Railway – Lionel Kay. Eastleigh Lakeside Steam Railway 25 Years 1992 – 2017 – Lionel Kay. Geirionydd – William Hughes. Katie – Peter van Zeller. Coleby Simkins Engineering – Richard Coleby. Bentley Miniature Railway – Tim Sanderson.

Spring 2017, Issue 80. Little Orchard Railway – Brian Palmer. 35004 Cunard White Star – Lionel Kay. Bentley Miniature Railway – Tim Sanderson. The Otterton & East Budleigh Light Railway – John Edmonds. Pixicato – Nigel Musson. RH&DR – Chris Kennedy. Coleby Simkins Engineering – Richard Coleby.

Autumn 2016, Issue 79. The Heywood Centenarian – David Nicholson. The Eaton Railway – Michael Whitehouse. A Second Chance for Gigantic. Porters Hill Celebrates its 50th Anniversary – Phil Ashworth. Count Louis Returns – Michael Whitehouse. Littlehampton Miniature Railway – Chris English. A Giant Journey – Simon Townsend. Driving Creek Railway – Adrian Sant. A Diesel loco for Pulborough – Brian Bird.

Spring 2016, Issue 78. A Day at the Duffield Bank Railway in 1910. The Train from Spain – Peter van Zeller. Leek and Rudyard Railway – David Vere. Thorpe Light Railway – Anthony Coulls. Steam at North Bay Railway – David Humphreys. Karen’s Little Railway – Rupert Connor. The Ones That Got Away  – Graham Billington.

Autumn 2015, Issue 77. The Spring Meeting – Don O’Connor. A Special Centenary for the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway – Peter van Zeller. The Ratty Celebrations – 2015 style – Michael Whitehouse. The sort of Alphabet you didn’t learn at school, part two. Graham Ellis – a Tribute. The History of the Kyre Valley Railway – John L. Townsend. The Beer Heights Light Railway, the first 40 years. An Erskine Tramway update – Mike Decker.

Spring 2015, Issue 76. The Autumn Meeting – Mike Cave. Up High Down Under, a Kiwi Briefing – Nick Dodson. Britain’s Preservation Pioneer – Michael Whitehouse. The sort of Alphabet you didn’t learn at school – Phil Ashworth. Bob Symes remembered – Phil Ashworth. What Bob Symes meant to me – Warwick Jackson. Roy Francis, a Tribute – Michael Crofts. Making the Way Permanent – Graham Worsnop. A hidden Florida Gem – Phil Ashworth.

Autumn 2014, Issue 75, Tribute to John Davis. The Spring Meeting – Adrian Sant. A Little Giant Tail – Simon Townsend. The Isle Abbots Railway – Martin Ricketts. Early Miniature Railways – Peter van Zeller. Minic Magic – Mike Slatter. The Audley End Railway’s 50th Anniversary – Robin Palmer. Behind the scenes at Eastleigh Lakeside Railway – Lionel Kay.

Spring 2014, Issue 74. John Snell on John Snell – his own story in his own words. John Snell; a personal tribute – Peter van Zeller. The Autumn Meeting – Bob Bullock. A taxing matter – Phil Ashworth.
Expansion at Ingfield – Chris English. Sir Arthur Heywood Commemoration – David Jones. The end of the line at Comrie – Bob Smith. The last trains at Birchley. The Almond Blossom Railway; the latest – Adrian Saint. The fall and rise of Blacolvesley – Bob Tebb. The North Bay Railway’s first steam engine – David Humphreys. A busy winter winter at the South Downs Railway – Peter Taylor.
Eastleigh steams on through the rain – Lionel Kay. The cult of the model railway – Michael Whitehouse. Thirty years ago in the Heywood Journal.

Autumn 2013, Issue 73. From the ashes Peter van Zeller, The S.C.B.R. anniversary gala Dave Holroyde, The Durban Miniature Railway Aubrey Roberts, Wayside Light Railway; The final Extension Lawrence Martin, Mr Rolls meets Mr Willis, Soony; a new Baldwin Jamie Page, The Uerdingen Carriages Michael Crofts, A busy day at Eastleigh Lional Kay, Rail on the Curriculum; an update Stuart Hughes, Willow Wood Railway; a history Brian Palmer, Small but perfectly formed Alan Lewendon, Review: Beer Heights Light Railway route learning railway, Britain’s 15″ gauge Railways; Duffield Bank to Perrygrove David Rose, Thirty years ago in the Heywood Journal, My favourite Picture Mike Hanson.

Spring 2013, Issue 72. John Williams Remembered by Simon Townsend, Eric Smith A tribute by Brett Rogers, The Ratty in the snow, The day that changed my life! – Bob Symes, The Surrey Border & Camberley Railway; 75 Anniversary – Bob Bullock, Firefly Goes On Tour! – John Kerr reports, Weston-Super-Mare Miniature Railway – a post script from Bob Bullock, The Hughley Light Railway – David Perrition describes the railway, Birchley changes, – Drummond Randall, A testing time for boilers and inspectors! – John Townsend’s reflections, Beer Place Farm Railway Wagons – John Snock appeals for information, Karl Marx & the rise of the severn & quarter inch railway, A mystery picture picture – James Waterfield asks for help, The green Dene Works Railway; on canvas – Sheila Symes takes up the story, No time for a winter snooze at Eastleigh – Lionel Kay reports, My Favourite Picture Ken Bean.

Autumn 2012, Issue 71. Ben Heywood A Tribute, Alf Nash remembered, Spring Meeting 2012, The Emett Railway, The Erskine Tramway, A Mull Requiem, Steaming through the summer, The survival of the Fairbourne Railway, The role of Volunteers at Rudyard Lake, Weston Farewell, Charles Wickstead: My Part is his, near downfall, Rhyl News, A Busy Summer at the the South Downs Railway, The Prodigal Loco Returns. Building the Second Channel Packet, Margate Memories, The Miniature Railways Of GB and Ireland, Thirty years ago in the Heywood Journal,
My Favourite Picture.

Spring 2012, Issue 70. Leo de Rothschild a tribute, Michael Severn Lamb remembered, The Cunarder: The Autumn Meeting 2011, A Centenary remembered: how Bill Fone built the Bear Place Farm Railway, The end of the line for the Coniston Railway, On the move: 2 historic locos face new challenges, The Otterton and East Budleigh Railway, The Power of Beer, A Taste of Norfolk at the Hilton Valley Railway, Whorlton Reborn, A new look for a south station! Wagons roll at the Moors Valley Railway, And a new look at Audley End, Super power for Torry Hill, Things go bump in the night in Suffolk! A busy winter at the Wayside Railway, King Geogre VI on the move again, A new look for an old friend at Arbroath, Last orders for a Somerset pub railway, Railways back on the curriculum, Thirty years ago in the Heywood Journal, My favourite picture.

Autumn 2011, Issue 69. David Curwen a tribute, Don Witheridge remembered, Tony Atkinson: a personal reflection, Kyre Valley; a successful mini-event, One’s I built earlier, Moors Valley celebrates 25 years, Small but perfectly formed: two Cagneys find some Yorkshire grit, Rhiw Valley; big plans for the future, Rudyard Lake welcomes new visitor, Mull Rail could become Lomond rail, A busy summer at Eastleigh, A Southport centenary, Kerr’s miniature Railway to grow, Railway king for the summer, Thirty years ago in the Heywood Journal, My favourite picture.

Spring 2011, Issue 68. Keith Davis: A tribute, Ted Martin’s last journey, The Devon Bell, Isle of Mull Railway closes, The Reseau Guerledan remembered, Reunited at Fairbourne, 60 Years of the NGRS, North Bay Railway 80th birthday tribute, Rhyl 100 not out, The Wilderness Christmas challenge, Un Pequeňo Ferrocarrile De Via Estrecha, All change at Evesham, Scientific (dis)proof, Railway Lines, Thirty years ago in the Heywood Journal,
My favourite picture.

Autumn 2010, Issue 67. Ted Martin a tribute, Belle Vue Remembered, Kerr’s Miniature Railway: a 75th birthday party, Seaside Memories, The Moors Valley railway; the first 30 years, Greendene (works) Railway 10th
anniversary DVD, Small but perfectly formed; Little Orchard Railway, The last Blakesley Bartholomew, Rails to the Sands; the MRMT opens its doors, Railway Lines, Thirty years ago in the Heywood Journal, My favourite picture.

Spring 2010, Issue 66. Heywood TV; Two of the Society’s legends grace the screen, Steaming in winter wonderland, Rebuilding the house of David Railway, The Tory Hill Track Weekend, John Terence; 102 not out, New Garratt for Norfolk WWLR., Kerr’s Miniature Railway 75 Anniversary, The South Downs Railway first 10 years, Arthur Maxfield: a tribute, Mount Kilmanjaro; its new owner appeals for information, The Blakeley Miniature Miniature Railway, Miniature steam railway Locomotives in the British Isles, The Locos of Severn Lamb, Jennie; a railway novel, Railway Lines, Thirty years ago in the Heywood Journal, My favourite picture.

Autumn 2009, Issue 65. Brian Rogers a tribute, The Spring Meeting 2009, Croesor Memories, Constellation, a new star rises, Building a stunning new loco,  Return to Kyre Valley, Review Two splendid books on The Sutton Miniature Railway, How the Kirkby Green Railway was built,  Railway Lines, Thirty years ago in the Heywood Journal, My favourite picture.

Spring 2009, Issue 64. The Romance of steam, Tinkerbell; the early story, The Croesor Junction and Pacific Railway Remembered, Count Louis meets old friends! Spring Attractions, New Locos for Perrygrove, Major John Hext remembered, J.I.C. Boyd, a tribute, Ratty Finds, Stapleford Steam Then and Now, Railway Lines, Thirty years ago in the Heywood Journal, My favourite picture.

Autumn 2008, Issue 63.
Mariloo and the famous visitor, Count Louis rides again, New name old values, The Rhyl Five, a gathering to remember, Another Effie, Happy birthday Tinkerbell, The Ratty gala, The Princess project, a 9¼ gauge revival, Wee John; a railway book with a difference, The Atlantics come to Kirklees, How to rebuild a genuine Blakesley bogie car(riage), Railway lines, Thirty years ago in the Heywood Journal, Garden Festival memories, My favourite picture.

Spring 2008, Issue 62. Into the daylight, Mighty Atom awakes, Dobwalls a postscript, Walter Harper, a tribute, Happy 50th Birthday to Stapleford, Rare Ratty! historic photos discovered, Mixed Gauges a review, The Locos of David Curwen, The Hilton Valley Phoenix an update, You design a Loco? Why, Thirty years of Heywood memories, Railway lines, My favourite picture, Thirty years ago in the Heywood Journal.

Autumn 2007, Issue 61. Robin Butterell, The smell of meths!, Little Giant, Dobwalls a personal journey, The Almond Blossom Railway, Phoenix Eaton Hall, Waverley, Heywood interactive, Saltburn Gala, Railway lines, My favourite picture.

Spring 2007, Issue 60. Claverdon Revisited, Is this how Tibby got her name, The Crew & Weston Miniature Railway, Looking to the future, Another look at pumps, Heywood interactive, Cleethorpes grows, Leads to nowhere, A Spanish siesta, One I made earlier, Review Rule of  Thumb, Review Advance Steam, Review Miniature Railway Magazine, Railway lines, Thirty years ago in The Heywood Journal, My favourite picture.

Autumn 2006, Issue 59. The Wootton Light Railway, All change at Scarborough, George Barlow Engine Man,
Ken Bullock a tribute, Mathew Kerr a celebration of his life, One I made earlier, Thirty years ago in The Heywood Journal, Kerr’s Miniature Railway: Jill and John take over, Brunel from broad gauge to minimum gauge, Heywood interactive.

Spring 2006, Issue 58.  Tibby; Eureka, Take Two, A very special occasion!, Slipping, Here’s one I made earlier,
Galas, the trials and tribulations, The Phoenix Rises, Margaret Martin, a tribute, A renaming at Eastleigh,
Orion at Shildon, Railway Lines.

Autumn 2005, Issue 57. The Heywood visit to Switzerland, Don Fifer 1935 – 2005, Simon’s Spring Railway Sojourn,
Exmoor Steam, A weekend at Ravenglass, The Norton Hill Railway, Working on a Scottish Railway,
Kerr’s A Restoration Job, Showcase Models, Nos 6 and 7

Spring 2005, Issue 56. One Hundred Not Our, The Birdman from Devon, Obituary: Dr. Mike Taylor,
What have I bought, Boiler Fittings, Leads & Misleads, I only wanted some Buffers, Showcase Models No. 5
Rudyard Lake and its Railway, Exmoor Steam The Story so far,

Autumn 2004, Issue 55. The Hilton Valley Railway Today, A Naming for Pulborough, Railfest York 2004.

Spring 2004, Issue 54.   The Hilton Valley Railway Part 1, Lost Treasures Rediscovered, Showcase Models, A Railcar named Monica.

Autumn 2003, Issue 53.  In my Element!, Ernest Twining Part 3, Summer Miscellany.

Spring 2003, Issue 52.    Born to be Presidential, Henry’s Escapades, Ernest Twining Part 2, A Collection Reborn, Chessington Zoo, The Building of the Mulberry Railway.

Autumn 2002, Issue 51. The Evesham Vale Light Railway, Ernest Twining – an Introduction.

Spring 2002, Issue 50.   A Quarter Century for The Heywood Society; A Peruvian Adventure; GSQ Tour 2001; Pointing the Way; Another Austrian Railway; Restoration of a Bush loco.

Autumn 2001, Issue 49. A Mull Experience, The Greendene Works Railway, The Empress returns to Hampshire, Tales of a Locomotive Tour, Exbury Gardens Railway.

Spring 2001, Issue 48.   The Duffield Bank Railway Dining Carriage, The Wells Walsingham Light Railway, Eastleigh Lakeside Railway, Mr Flooks’ last loco, The Story of a Signal Box.

Issue 47, Special Cagney number, sold out.

Spring 2000, Issue 46.   News from the Ruislip Lido Railway, Drysdale Kilburn’s 7¼in gauge railway at Hendon, the Theberton Railway, The Fan Grate, News.

Autumn 1999, Issue 45. A Heywood Renaissance, Small Power for Narrow Gauge Railways, Whistles that Work, A Hydraulic Rail Bender, News.

Spring 1999, Issue 44.   The Ferrocarril Piedra Baya, Conversion of Sandy River to oil firing, Effie’s story, The Hole Truth about the Rhyl Miniature Railway, Whistling in the Dark, News.

Autumn 1998, Issue 43. The Seven Railways of Cleethorpes, Trials and Tribulations, When Cattle Strayed, News.

Spring 1998, Issue 42.   Royal Victoria Railway, An Experimental day with 3.1192, Locomotive No 751 – John H Gretton, Recent work on the Garden & Woodland Railway; News.

Autumn 1997, Issue 41. Heywood Society Meetings, 1976 – 1997; Broseley Wood Light Railway; A Tale of Four Boilers; An Austrian Abroad; The Ardkinglas Line; News.

Spring 1997, Issue 40.   The Rebirth of the Stapleford Miniature Railway; Miniature Railways in Catalonia; In Search of the Perfect Coupling; News from South America; A Shaggy Goat Story, the Conservation of Blacolvesley; News.

Autumn 1996, Issue 39. Bullock 2005 – ‘a love affair’; Rolling stock for a 10in gauge railway in Spain; The Hollybush Railway; The Story of Immingham; The Hampton Loade Miniature Railway; Superheating; Mystery photographs; News.

Spring 1996, Issue 38.   Further Liliput-Engines ‘Made in Germany’; Bellevue Miniature Railway, Belfast; The Knighton Valley Railway; Miniature Railway in Ankara; The Nickelodeon Line, at Ashorne Hall; News

Autumn 1995, Issue 37. Sold out – this issue is no longer available.

Spring 1995, Issue 36.   Sold out – this issue is no longer available.

Autumn 1994, Issue 35. Sold out – this issue is no longer available.

Spring 1994, Issue 34.   Spirit of Adventure; Rudyard Lake Railway; The Fosters of Queensbury, Coombe, Lower Bowden & Highwoods; Eastleigh Lakeside Railway; Los Pequenos Descubierto; News.

Autumn 1993, Issue 33. Sold out – this issue is no longer available.

Spring 1993, Issue 32.   Croesor Junction & Pacific Railway; Flash steam Firefly; Victoria Miniature Railway; 7¼in gauge Cardean; Mystery photographs; News.

Autumn 1992, Issue 31. George Flooks, Nipper and the Bricket Wood Miniature Railway; ‘Little Giants’ George the Fifth and Hungaria; Lakeshore Railroad; Kirklees Light Railway; News. 40 pages, as are all the following issues.

Autumn 1990, Issue 27 to Spring 1992, Issue 30. Sold out – these issues are no longer available.

Attractive ‘Cordex’ binders to hold 12 issues are available, in red with gold block lettering.

Unfortunately, back numbers of the Journal prior to issue 31 are not available.