1. Membership is limited to people who meet one or more of the following criteria: –

  1. Actively involved with the operation of miniature railways.
  2. The manufacturers of miniature railway equipment.
  3. Authors who are actively involved in the documentation of miniature railways.

2. There are 3 categories of membership: –

  1. Full
  2. Honorary
  3. Overseas

3. Benefits of membership.

  • Receive the journal twice yearly.
  • Opportunity to attend private events on private miniature railways in the UK, usually on two weekends a year in May and October but also at other times.
  • Get help and support for your own miniature railway activities from like minded individuals.

All society members receive a copy of The Heywood Society Journal, which is published twice a year.

The subscription for Full, and Overseas Members is set at the Annual General Meeting.

Categories of membership explained.

A. Full Members: –

Full Members must meet the criteria set down in 1. and must be resident within the British Postal Code system.

B. Honorary Members: –

The Committee has the power to elect any former Full Member to become an Honorary Life Member for exceptional services to the Society and /or miniature railways.

C. Overseas Members: –

There is a limit of 20 Overseas Members who must meet the criteria set down in 1.1. Overseas members are people who are resident outside the British Post Code System.

Applying for membership.

Applications for membership are considered by the Societies Committee at their meetings in May and October each year. Applicants must be proposed and seconded by existing members of the Society.

If you are interested in applying for Membership please contact the secretary.